Louisa, An Amazing Adventure (N/A)

Saturday 1st June 2019

Doors and bar open 7pm, film starts 8pm

In partnership with the Lostwithiel Branch of the RNLI, we will be holding a special Saturday night screening of Louisa, An Amazing Adventure on Saturday 1st June.

Ken Blakey, director/animator of Louisa, An Amazing AdventureAll profits from the screening will go to RNLI. There will be Q&A afterwards with the director/animator Ken Blakey.

Louisa, An Amazing Adventure is a 90 minute, feature-length animation modelled and rendered using Blender 3D software. 

The film tells a fictional story based upon true events. It follows the heroic efforts of villagers in a small north Devon fishing village who go to the rescue of a sailing ship in distress.

January 1899 saw the worst storm in living memory. Distress rockets were seen out in the Bristol Channel as night fell. Only the Lynmouth lifeboat, named Louisa, was available to go to the aid of the ship called the Forrest Hall. launching the lifeboat from Lynmouth proved impossible due to the power of the storm waves coming onto the beach. It was decided that the only hope was to take the lifeboat over Exmoor to a more sheltered bay 14 miles to the east. This meant taking the ten-ton boat up over the top of Exmoor on an adventure of epic proportions.

The story is told from the point of view of May, the nine-year-old daughter of Jack Crocombe, the lifeboat's coxswain. Always anxious for her father's safety while he is out leading rescues on the lifeboat, she decides to make sure he is safe on this particularly dangerous undertaking.

Tickets cost £4 for adults and £2 for under 18s, and are available online now or in advance from Watts Trading and Lerryn River Stores or on the door if not already sold out.

Screening details

Date: 1 June 2019

Time: Doors and bar open 7pm, film starts 8pm

Venue: Church Rooms, Church Lane, Lostwithiel

Film details

Year: 2019

Country: United Kingdom

Director: Ken Blakey


Certificate: N/A

Length: 86 minutes

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